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Ninja -Photoshop colored by ChippewaOkami Ninja -Photoshop colored by ChippewaOkami
This was a picture of a ninja I drew for my Little's sister, who likes anime/manga. She wanted me and my friend to draw her a picture, so I drew her one of a ninja.

I originally drew it using pencil as a sketch, then outlining it wth marker. I had just gotten a free trial version of Photoshop Cs5 today using a Chinese website and started to test it right away. So I took one of the colorless drawings I had in my folders and colored it in using mainly the bucket. How did I do? Unfortunately I dont have a tablet (yet) to outline it digitally, so this is all that I can do for now.

Also, can anyone tell me that in a 30 day free trial, can you still use the Photoshop after the days are up, with limited tools?

Line art can be seen here: [link]
28weasle Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Awesome! :la:

Is it possible if you could me the link of the free Version of The Photoshop C25, because a friend of mine has been looking for a free trial since forever. She would be very grateful! :D
ChippewaOkami Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :D

Of course. Here it is: [link]
Its all in Chinese of course, so tell her to click the rather large rectangular yellow button there, when you roll over it with your mouse it should say "photoshop cs5". Click that and then another window will pop up. Tell her to save it when the prompt comes up asking to either run or save. And then save it somewhere you can find it again, extract the files, and click "Set Up".

Its in English, which is good. I tried downloading a trial of Microsoft Office from that site, but it was in Chinese, and asked for a key number or something, so that was a bit of a fail :cries:

Oh well, I can always try finding a English Microsoft Office later :nod:
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February 26, 2012
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